Probably took a baff

The birthday kept going!  I don’t mean to go on and on about it, but I was talking with my sister on Tuesday, and she asked if I’d liked the birthday gift she’d left for me when she stayed here at Christmas.  Um…totally forgot it was in the house!  So I headed down to the basement, and there, lo and behold, was a wrapped gift for me, from Hilary.  Inside were a very lovely plum and fuchsia bracelet (that I’d admired in a store when we were together and which she swooped in behind me and picked up without me realizing it!) and also a long beaded warm-neutral necklace that can be worn as one long loop or doubled over.

I just…honestly, friends, I felt so wrapped in love from my family and my friends.  I did not expect all of this.  In fact, on Friday, I was talking to my sister about how I was not sure anybody would make a deal of my birthday at all.  Not in a mopey way, really, but in a “I guess this is what being a grownup is about” kind of way.  So, a big thank you to everyone, for the well-wishing, and the little notes, and the cards and gifts and celebrations.  It was really REALLY nice, and I felt very warm and cozy and secure and snuggled up in all of it.  Thank you.

On Tuesday, I started getting Christmas decorations down.  And started Baby Steps on Flylady again.  I shined my sink!  I’ve done the Flylady thing enough times that I have internalized a lot of the messages, and I know which parts I am likely to blow off, and I’m OKAY with blowing off parts of it, because I don’t expect it to be a complete fix-all, but that I enjoy the structure of it and the affirming little messages and that I like the whole idea of it, so I’m starting it up again and my sink is shined and yes.  Here I go.

After the kids went to bed on Tuesday, I asked Rob to come watch TV with me, and he looked at the stack of dishes that needed hand washing, and asked me if I’d rather he wash dishes or watch TV with me.  I voted for TV, because the shows we watch together, I don’t want to watch separately.  So I had a stack of hand wash dishes next to the sink to deal with on Wednesday, but I knew it would only take about 10 minutes to get through them.  I hadn’t DONE them yet, but I didn’t RESENT them being there.  :)

Let’s see…what else?  I know!  Pictures of my kid!  It’s not the same without them.  This is Lily, on Christmas Eve, at my mother’s house, wearing her Christmas sweater dress and also a pink zebra butterfly tutu and wings that she got from Grandma and Grandpa.  Sometimes I feel like every picture of my kids is my favorite picture ever, but seriously these are close to the top.  :)




I left the house this morning, for the first time in three days.  I hadn’t been out since we came home from dinner on Monday night.  But that was okay, because I got a ton of stuff done inside.

I did get all the Christmas decor down and boxed up and out away, including the Christmas tree, which was about a two hour job in itself.  I took down the most obvious Christmas lights from outside, and plan to get the rest (the ones hidden in the bushes) today, before it starts raining.  I brought a second chair up to the living room from the basement, and made it look like a living room instead of a play room.  Maybe I’ll make the kids play in the basement.  This is a regular thought process of mine.

I’ve been a faithful Flylady follower for three whole days now, shining my sink and getting showered and dressed first thing in the morning.  I tell ya, that showering and getting dressed thing is really awesome.  I mean, I KNOW it’s a good thing to do, but for YEARS now I have pretended that I COULD NOT get showered first thing, because of the CHILDREN.  They do make a handy excuse.  So I wold get up and feed the kids and start their days, really, before getting around to (or not getting around to) showering and getting myself ready for my day.  Then I would either shortchange my own prep, or skip it altogether, and be rushing to things unshowered and/or not feeling at my best.

So, it’s not like a gigantic revelation or anything, but since I AM a morning person by nature, I really think I can make more of an effort to work with my natural rhythms and get up and get showered before the day gets away from me.  Before kids, I was always the one to get up and get ready first, then wake Rob up.

So, I have enjoyed getting up and being ready to start my day earlier than normal.  It’s nice.

Um, what else?

Yesterday, Lily came out of her bedroom with a pruney, wrinkly thumb in the morning.  She asked me why it was wrinkly, and I said, “You were probably sucking your thumb while you were sleeping.”  She denied it, and said, “I probably took a baff while I sleeping.”

Okay, I’m going to go make my lunch.  Lily’s eating (or fooling around) and I’m sort of hungry.

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  1. I read this last line out loud to Nicole and BBC suggested that maybe someone switched Lily’s thumbs while she was sleeping. Not to worry though, BBC assures us that she will get her original thumbs back in the morning.

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